YIDA (Thailand)





YIDA (THAILAND) Company Limited was founded in 2012. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of polyester staple fibers in Thailand. We specialize in 3D to 15D polyester staple fiber which were widely used for stuffing in bedding, furniture, toys, cushions and other non-woven applications, etc.

In the year of 2013, we passed ISO-9001 Quality System Certification. YIDA has developed into a total assets of 100 million yuan enterprise after two years in market.



  • Mission

    YIDA is committed to maintaining a safety process which actively
    involves all employees in identifying, preventing, and correcting workplace safety issues to reduce accidents and injuries.

    Our goal is to educate, promote, and encourage the practice of safety while reducing unsafe acts and hazardous conditions for the good of all, directly and indirectly, involved with product safty and production environment.



  • Vision

    YIDA is committed to sustainable development. This means making the necessary decisions now to realize our vision of stimulating production growth and tackling the deficit, maximizing wellbeing and protecting our environment, without negatively impacting on the ability of future generations to do the same. We believe in going beyond the short term with eyes fixed firmly on a long term horizon shift in relation to our economy, our society and the environment.


YIDA has defined its position and set a goal to build a centennial YIDA, which is capable of sustained growth; an international YIDA, which is world oriented; an open YIDA, which is capable of independent development. And more aggressively, YIDA is looking forward to becoming the No.1 in Thailand with convincing profit rate, sustainable development, and constant value returning to shareholders, customers, employees and society.

Currently, the corporate business has been on a fast-growth pace to another achievement that will make greater contribution to Thailand industry.

YIDA has a huge advantage over material supply in Thailand. We have made a long term cooperation with suppliers in Thailand. It makes a solid foundation of materials supply.